Ultradian Rhythms and Your Immune System

By Greg Turner | April 2, 2020

In the early 1970s, while a student of Dr. Milton Erickson, Dr. Ernest Rossi discovered some research on Ultradian Rhythms. Ultradian Rhythms are natural biological rhythms of the human body that have an approximate period of 90 minutes to 120 minutes. I am sure you are aware of rhythms of your body that have a […] Continue Reading

Topics: Medical

Corona Virus, Hypnosis, and You

By Greg Turner | March 9, 2020

As the corona virus spreads through out the populations of the world, people are understandably fearful and worried about contracting this disease. The question naturally arises if hypnosis can be used to prevent contracting this virus. I am not aware of any research that has been done to answer this question. However, there is a […] Continue Reading

Topics: Medical

Comparing Marin Fires And Social Anxiety

By Greg Turner | October 29, 2019

My office is in Marin County of Northern California. If you have been watching the news, you know this is the heart of FIRE country, right in the middle of all the fires in Northern California. It occurred to me that there many similarities between the thinking that causes social anxieties and the thinking that […] Continue Reading

Topics: Fear, Hypnotherapy, Stress and Anxiety

1. Dancing With Hunger – Resistance and Acceptance

By Greg Turner | June 4, 2019

Picture these two scenarios. You are waiting in a checkout line at the grocery store that is moving so, so slowly. It takes 5 minutes to get to the checkout person. You strike up a conversation with the stranger who is in front of you. You find this person very, very attractive and it seems […] Continue Reading

Topics: Hunger

The Shy High Tech Worker

By Greg Turner | April 17, 2019

John was a twenty-something guy who excelled at technology and specially with computers. He was working for a high tech company and liked it because it allowed him to pretty much work by himself without interacting with people, much. As many are who work in high tech, John was self conscious and liked working by […] Continue Reading

Topics: Self Consciousness

Use the Hypnotic Pendulum For Change 3

By Greg Turner | April 3, 2017

This article is the third and final in a series of articles on how to use the hypnotic pendulum for change. The first article is here: Use the Hypnotic Pendulum For Change 1 and the second is here: Use the Hypnotic Pendulum For Change 2. I am going to assume that you have read the […] Continue Reading

Topics: Get Unstuck, Hypnotherapy, Hypnotic Pendulum

Use the Hypnotic Pendulum For Change 2

By Greg Turner | March 19, 2017

This article is the second in my series on how to use the pendulum for change. To start off, I want to make some clarifications about what I wrote in the first article, which you can read by clicking Use the Hypnotic Pendulum For Change 1. The third article in this series is here: Use […] Continue Reading

Topics: Get Unstuck, Hypnotherapy, Hypnotic Pendulum

Use the Hypnotic Pendulum For Change 1

By Greg Turner | March 14, 2017

This article is the first in a series of how to use the hypnotic pendulum for change. The hypnotic pendulum is a way for you to be able to talk to your unconscious mind and ask questions. It can be very useful for those times when you want to make a personal change and you […] Continue Reading

Topics: Get Unstuck, Get What You Want, Hypnotherapy, Hypnotic Pendulum, Resolutions

4 Letter Word Fear

By Greg Turner | February 20, 2017

I’d like to say a few things about a 4 letter word, FEAR. In 1895, the French Lumiere brothers created a new filming process that produced a more realistic film than was the norm for that time. They filmed a 50 second long film of a train complete with a giant locomotive coming directly at […] Continue Reading

Topics: Fear, Video

Can I Be Hypnotized?

By Greg Turner | January 31, 2017

Can I Be Hypnotized? That is a question I get a lot these days. Also, I get a variation on that, the statement, “I can not be hypnotized.” Well, let me tell you, if you have fear of public speaking, or social anxiety, or a phobia, not only are you hypnotizable, but you are hypnotized […] Continue Reading

Topics: Fear

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    "I needed help controlling certain cravings with food. Greg was patient and one week out and I am doing great, no cravings at all. Highly recommend hypnosis if you are ready to make a change and Greg will help you achieve that goal."
    "I attended a hypnosis session with Greg Turner. I wanted some extra help to keep one of my resolutions. I was concerned about having someone hypnotize me, but Greg answered all my questions and had me relaxed in a minute or two. Since our session, I’ve been moving ahead with my goal and feel great about it. I would highly recommend Greg to anyone wanting help to kick a habit or create a new one."
    Richard Villasana
    "I've known Greg since 1979 when he first heard about the amazing affects of hypnosis. He wanted to know everything about it and discovered the myriad ways hypnosis could change people's lives. Now as an experienced hypnotherapist he has the knowledge and experience to gently guide you along your path. I highly recommend Greg!"
    R.K. Boston
    "Greg Turner is a wise person as well as being a great hypnotherapist.He knows how to guide you to your own insights and connections. He lets you set the pace of each session and understands the wisdom of silence. He assisted me with a jump I wanted to make in my life and I am on to my next phase. I highly recommend Greg as a hypnotherapist. "
    Sandra S. Larkspur
    "Greg Turner has been a blessing in helping me to cope with stress and the compulsions that stress generates. Even though my permanent home is a far thousand and more miles from Greg the CD Greg gave me has been a long-distance reinforcement for me. I shall be forever grateful."
    "I came to Greg’s office and he explained the whole process very clearly and was genuinely interested in what I had to say. He also posed some interesting questions. I felt like I was finally confronting some real issues. I experienced trance, and came to find myself having thoughts and taking actions that were conducive to what I had laid out as my specific goals. My time with Greg has definitely brought about some changes in me and this is reflecting positively in both my personal and professional life."
    Arthur McCormack
    "Greg, I just got a raise and in part its due to my hypnosis sessions with you. As you know I dreaded the thought of having to get up and do presentations for senior members of my firm. My sessions with you taught me how to focus on the important parts of my speech and to forget about what they might be thinking of me. I now actually enjoy speaking in front of others and apparently my boss enjoys my presentations, as well. My raise more than covers the money I spent with you. Thanks"
    "Thanks Greg for helping with my eating habits. I am now eating much more slowly. Not only that, I now take home leftovers from a restaurant,and do not sit at my desk thinking about the chocolate that is around the office. You are a great hypnotist and I love my new life free of the control of food!!"
    Chris Casagrand
    "All my life I had been plagued with a phobia: I would gag nearly every time I tried to swallow a pill. Over the course of 3 sessions, I grew to trust Greg. Today I am calm and unafraid of taking pills."
    Diana B. Jillie
    "I was experiencing some ongoing fear of speaking in public since I came to live in the US. In 3 sessions, Greg helped me to overcome it. A few weeks ago I could do a singing presentation and I didn’t even noticed I was singing for a public! Yes, that worked perfectly! So, based on that happy outcome, I bought three more sessions with Greg to help me overcoming my fear of getting the Behind-the-wheel test, as I had failed a number of times and got really stuck on the process of having my California driver’s license. We’ve had only 2 sessions and here I am, waiting for my Driver’s License to come by Mail! Passed with flying colors in my driver’s practice test! YAY!!!! I just want to say this: don’t hesitate in asking for his help on “phobia” issues. You will be free of those disgusting feelings in no time with Greg’s help! Thank you my friend! You’ve helped me so much I will never forget you! "
    Flavia Tatai - San Rafael, CA
    "Thank you for helping me to deal with anxiety and stress.I felt a real safety and trust working with you. I was easily able to let go and become calm and relaxed and drop in to a hypnotic state in your presence. The personalized hypnotic messages that you made for me I listen to a couple of times a day and are helping me to manage stress and stay relaxed and peaceful. Your voice is very soothing and comforting. It’s been tremendously helpful to me doing hypnosis with Greg.He really listen to my needs and gave me a lot of tools to work with. I will continue to see Greg as needed for support to work through obstacles."
    Ina B - Novato
    "I’m a person whose living depends on the ability to make cold calls. I’ve always avoided this dreaded task and consequently my income has sufferred as a result. I saw Greg Turner for only three hypnosis sessions. Since that time, my attitude towards cold calling has completely changed. I now enjoy making the calls, and as a result, my income is taking off. If you think hypnosis can help you, definitely give Greg a call"
    "Thanks Greg for helping me with my smoking. As you know I was not sure hypnosis would work for me. In fact, I was pretty uptight about it at first. Your presence and voice are so calm and soothing that after the first session I was able to relax and let you guide me into communicating with those parts of my inner mind responsible for my smoking. Thanks for helping me deal with my deamons because now I no longer have the desire to smoke."
    "Thanks Greg for helping me to quit smoking. I couldn’t have done it without the great insights into myself that you helped me see, and the hypnotic suggestions you gave me seem to still be working great!"
    Josh Reaves
    "Greg Turner, while shaking my hand and talking to me in a strange way, quickly and easily put me into a deep trance. I was really impressed, he has the most compelling hypnotic eyes and is an extremely powerful hypnotherapist and yet has a very safe and reassuring presence. I found Greg always to be completely professional and he has a tremendous knowledge and passion for hypnotherapy and how it can help people. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to explore any health issue or personal issue within their life. "
    Madeleine Scott