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How To Be Socially At Ease In The High Tech World

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Greg TurnerWay, way back in the day, I used to be a programmer, I was so very socially inept. It was very hard for me to talk with anyone. The only thing I was comfortable with was being behind the computer screen, typing in my program.

Asking for a raise was excruciatingly difficult. And forget about asking for a promotion; I just never did it. The worst of the worst was being asked by my boss to get up and talk about my progress in front of 4 or 5 people in my division. That was sheer terror.

The fact of the matter is, to succeed in business, you do need to feel confident to ask for a raise or promotion, or to stand up and talk in front of a group of your peers. If you feel socially awkward, then others will pick up on that and feel ill at ease around you. And that is the last thing you want. You’ll be able to easily advance in your career if those around you feel comfortable in your presence.

By discovering various coaching strategies and hypnosis, I was able to put all that social ineptness behind me, ask for promotions, and speak before groups with ease. The best part was that I asked for and got sizable raises. Now, I would like to do the same for you. Believe me, I understand where you are coming from and I can help!

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Socially Confident program is the foundation program. It is for the high tech worker who is like I used to be; hiding out behind your monitor. If you would rather hide your face in your mobile phone in the morning instead of greeting others with a smile and “Good Morning” this is the program to start off with. It consists of 4 one hour sessions with me conducted over Zoom. The sessions are spaced about 2 weeks apart to allow for you to assimilate the changes made. It also allows you time to complete the homework which I will give you between sessions.

Confident Speaker program is for you if you are socially at ease with others and are required occasionally to speak before small groups in your company, but the thought of speaking terrifies you. Just imagine how great you will feel, being able to confidently speak before a group of people. Like the foundation program, it also consists of 4 one hour sessions with me conducted over Zoom, interspersed about every 2 weeks.

Intensive program is for you if you are in a position and mind set to work very intensively with me on some issue that you would like to change. It consists of a daily online lengthy session with me every day for 5 days. Everyday I will lead you into a deep trance, each day’s trance deeper than on the day before to help you make the change you are seeking. Typically there will be homework to do between sessions consisting of watching a youtube video or listening to a specially made hypnotic recording, or going out into the world and interacting with the world in some specific way. This program is perfect for those willing to quickly make an internal change, who have the money and time to invest in this way of personal change work. It consists of 5 sessions, once a day, every day for a week, all done over Zoom.

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“Greg, I just got a raise and in part its due to my hypnosis sessions with you. As you know I dreaded the thought of having to get up and do presentations for senior members of my firm. My sessions with you taught me how to focus on the important parts of my speech and to forget about what they might be thinking of me. I now actually enjoy speaking in front of others and apparently my boss enjoys my presentations, as well. My raise more than covers the money I spent with you.Thanks” Attorney

“I was experiencing some ongoing fear of speaking in public since I came to live in the US from Brazil. In 3 sessions, Greg helped me to overcome it. A few weeks ago I could do a singing presentation and I didn’t even notice I was singing for the public! Yes, that worked perfectly!” Flavia Cristina de Aragão Tatai

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All appointments, including the FREE “Strategic Consultation”, are conducted online using the “ZOOM” video conferencing platform. It is the most secure and up-to-date video conferencing program in today’s online world. During the scheduling process, you will be sent confirmation e-mails reminding you of our appointment time, together with a link to connect via the “ZOOM” platform. If this is your first time using “ZOOM”, simple instructions will also be giving on how to connect to the program using your computers camera and audio, a tablet or your cell phone. This is a free service for all of my clients. (Note: You may be asked to download their application, but it will automatically install in most cases or you can download it in advance at